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Renforcement de la gouvernance de la justice et soutien aux efforts nationaux de réforme de la justice (2018 - 2020)

Through this initiative, Interpeace aimed to enhance justice governance by increasing citizens’ engagement in political dialogues related to justice. To do so, the initiative worked to enhance the capacity of civil society organizations to assess local justice governance through a mix method participatory Justice Barometer (“Sintidu di Justisa: Sense of justice”). Based on the results of the study, Interpeace supported the efforts of citizens and civil society organizations to conduct dialogues with local and national public institutions.

In addition, in the framework of the efforts made towards the Justice reform in Guinea-Bissau, Interpeace supported national and international institutions to identify entry points for the integration of formal and traditional justice. Through the study “No Obi Mindjer ku Mininu: We heard women and children” Interpeace formulated clear recommendations to make traditional justice more inclusive. This, in turn, enhanced citizens’ access to justice while strengthening coordination and capacities within both formal and informal justice systems.