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Promoting Women’s Political Participation in Guinea-Bissau to Work for Peace (2017- 2020)

This two-phase initiative aimed to reduce women’s exclusion from decision-making in Guinea-Bissau, focusing on governance and conflict management. In the initial stage, the initiative aimed to identify barriers preventing women’s participation in spheres of power, leading to the report “Fala di Mindjer: Women talk”. Following up on these results, Interpeace developed a national awareness campaign and provided capacity-building and support for women leaders.

In a second phase,”No sta djuntos!: We are together!” Interpeace addressed resistance uncovered in the first phase to reduce tensions related to female leadership promotion and transform women’s roles in politics, civil society, and the Defense and Security Forces.  This involved raising awareness among men, women, and civil society organizations about the potential unintended negative consequences of excluding women. It resulted in a better understanding of how women’s integration impacts social cohesion, thereby contributing to strengthening peace consolidation in Guinea-Bissau.