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Increasing the participation of women in desion-making

Interpeace and Voz di Paz are promoting the inclusion of women in governance and contributing to laying the foundations for a more peaceful society, by strengthening the role of women in conflict resolution. Throughout 2018, new women mediators were integrated in Voz di Paz’s Regional Spaces for Dialogue (RSD)—which are local structures for peace across the country—and the percentage of female members in these spaces increased from 23.5% to 46%. In June 2018, at a National Gathering of the RSD, the importance of women in conflict resolution was discussed and affirmed both by male and female participants.

On a wider, societal scale, the Interpeace and Voz di Paz programme fostered a national dialogue and debate around the role of women in decision-making, giving voice to actors that would not ordinarily have the chance to express their opinions and concerns, and raising awareness on the issue of gender. In March 2018, the programme published the report Fala di Mindjer (The Voices of Women), together with an accompanying video, to highlight the barriers to women in decision-making while, along the year, radio spots and TV programmes were broadcast more than 3,000 times and public debates held with over 180 participants in all the country’s regions.

Furthermore, the capacities of key actors to advocate for gender in peacebuilding was strengthened through training held in Guinea-Bissau's eight regions, with more than 250 women and men leaders, as well as journalists and members of the Defence and Security Forces. As a result, advocacy initiatives were launched both locally and, in the capital, Bissau.