To promote the positive role women can have in building peace, the peacebuilding team mobilized 25 women who are opinion leaders to participate in the Banisa intervention. These women were able to share their opinions and concerns around sexual harassment and assault with security officials, leading to a recognition on the part of leaders that the participation and engagement of women in peacebuilding should be further encouraged.

Furthermore, in May 2018, the adjacent County of Wajir experienced recurrent clan conflict between the Degodia and the Ajuran over land and resources. As a result, our partners the NCIC supported women-led local organizations in their quest to advocate for peace and carry out peace meetings and rallies to foster dialogue and cohesion. The intervention, led by the Sisters Rise Together Foundation, targeted clans and sub-clans engaged in conflicts in Buna, Eldas, and Bojigaras local areas in Wajir County and prompted regular dialogues to address the clan conflicts. NCIC provided the necessary financial support for the women-led peace caravan, while the Mandera peacebuilding programme provided methodological training for the Foundation and continued to improve their capacity to navigate dialogue in conflict settings. From the success of this engagement In 2019, Interpeace has expanded it peacebuilding programme to Wajir county.