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A New Partnership to Sustain Peace in Latin America

18 juillet, 2018
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El Salvador. Photo credit: Interpeace

In 1994, Interpeace (under its previous name, the War-torn Societies Project), initiated a peacebuilding pilot project in post-conflict Guatemala. That work launched a series of peacebuilding processes that the organization would carry out in the region over the next 24 years.

Guatemala. Photo credit: Sandra Sebastian

One of the values that defines the unique nature of Interpeace is the commitment to ensuring that peacebuilding is locally-owned and locally-driven. This is done by strengthening local capacities to build peace, so that the people living in conflict are responsible for implementing and developing initiatives in their own context. In this same manner, Alianza para la Paz (APAZ) was established in 2015 as a result of Interpeace’s core value of strengthening regional capacities to build peace.

Today APAZ begins its independent work with a vision of “the Americas for the Americas”, which is based on trust, mutual understanding, dialogue and inclusion. APAZ and Interpeace are joining forces in a new partnership to explore peacebuilding challenges in Latin America. This alliance will build on a long track record of peacebuilding engagements in the region with a strengthened ability to link local action to global policy influence and resources.

Colombia. Photo credit: Interpeace

The new partnership agreement signed is for the benefit of the mission that Interpeace and APAZ share to sustain peace in Latin America. This exciting milestone is possible due to the commitment and passion of peacebuilders across Latin America and to the support of all those that have believed in our work.

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