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Mohammed Dabwan Ali – Yemen


Dr. Mohammed H. Dabwan is the Research Unit and Projects Manager in the fields of youth, peacebuilding and development at Youth Without Borders Organization for Development. He works as a local consultant and a researcher for various international agencies on areas related to peace, security, human rights and gender dynamics. He has more than 12 years of total experience in academics, research, humanitarian and translation sectors. Quite recently, he led two research reports for Interpeace: “Youth Vision for Peacebuilding in Yemen” and “Community Resilience for Peace in Yemen.” He co-worked with the International Republican Institute on “Identifying Weak Points in Public, Private and Civil Society Institutions Vulnerable to Corruption: An Assessment Study”.

Currently, he is working as a local consultant and researcher on “Conflict, Peace, and Decent Work in Yemen: Peace and Conflict Analysis (PCA)”, research led by the ILO and Interpeace. Mohammed holds a Ph.D. degree in World Literature through The English and Foreign Languages University- Hyderabad, India, when he also participated in several international research conferences with special focus on human rights in literature, transnationalism, marginality and gender. His native language is Arabic and he is fluent in English.