Mamadú Djuldé Djaló – Guinea-Bissau


Mamadú Djuldé Djaló is a Research Assistant at the peacebuilding organisation Voz di Paz in Guinea-Bissau. He is currently working as a focal point in a project called Conflict Mapping (Unpacking Local Conflicts in Guinea-Bissau), which collects data related to the conflict in Guinea-Bissau and shares it with other institutions and the public in general. He is a National Chairman at the West Africa Youth Assembly (WAYA), where he promotes the integration of a Youth Assembly in the ECOWAS mechanism, leading the national engagement in Guinea-Bissau. He also works on advocacy for youth empowerment and gender sensitivity, international conferences and political representation.

Mamadú is pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Finance from the University of International Business and Economics and holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management from Jean Piaget University of Guinea-Bissau.