Stabilising the North Rift: Lessons learned from the peacebuilding experience of NCIC and Interpeace

Type: PDF Size: 560Kb Published: mai 12, 2023

The recent insecurity in Kenya’s North Rift is a multifaceted issue with complex and interconnected underlying drivers. The region has a long history of marginalisation and violence, which has led to a deep-seated mistrust of the government, intercommunal animosity, and a belief that communities must provide for their own security. Jointly with NCIC, Interpeace has been active in the North Rift since 2019, amongst others conducting extensive participatory research and facilitating community dialogues that have resulted in several peace agreements. Based on these experiences, and Interpeace’s work worldwide, this policy brief identifies lessons learned and develops recommendations that are aimed at assisting decision-makers to sustainably address the complex and interconnected drivers of cyclical conflict in the region.