Interpeace Sweden Office

Building on its strong ties to Sweden, Interpeace Sweden was created in 2013 for the purposes of generating funds and raising awareness about peace, inclusion and Interpeace’s work around the world.

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The members of the Board of Interpeace Sweden include:
– Tord Magnuson, Chair
– Scott M. Weber, Vice Chair
РCarin Götblad
РPeter Elam Håkansson
– Magnus Kindstrand
– Krister Kumlin
– Johan Lundberg
– Sarah Noble

Interpeace Sweden has a 90 account and is registered with the Swedish Fundraising Council FRII

Insamlingsstiftelsen Interpeace Sweden
Jakobs Torg 3,
111 52 Stockholm

For more information in Swedish, cliquez ici.

Interpeace Sweden Office

Photo credit: Oskar Kullander for Interpeace