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The event explores new responses and innovative tools to address the changing nature of conflicts; hybrid war, attacks in the cyberspace, proliferation of the number and background of conflict actors, engineered news, interference in elections, and the list goes on.

The concepts and perceptions related to conflict resolution and the sets of tools used to support peacemaking efforts are being reinvented and updated. The sheer scale of available, real-time data, increasing computing power and innovative applications can change practices in conflict analysis, monitoring and evaluation. High level of connectivity and common social media tools can enhance inclusivity and strategic communications of a peace process. Will innovation and new technologies render peacemaking more efficient, faster and better thus enhancing the quality of peacemaking?

This session will examine innovative approaches and new tools through these guiding questions:


Event date :

Thursday 7 November, 11.15 - 12.30h, Palais des Nations - Building A - Room VII (3rd Floor)




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In order to attend the events held at the Palais des Nations, please note that if you do not have a valid UN badge, in addition to your registration to the event itself, you will need to register for a Geneva Peace Week pass to access the Palais des Nations. This pass is valid from 4 to 8 November and you only need to register once.

Attendees please arrive 30 minutes before the event, at the Pregny gate.

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Please note that your registration information will also be shared with the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (the key Facilitator of Geneva Peace Week) for the purpose of compiling anonymous statistics on event attendance.