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Incoming Governing Council members

16 avril, 2014
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Interpeace would like to welcome the two newest members of the Governing Council: Ms. Necla Tschirgi and Mr. Martin Aked as Honorary Treasurer. They were both formally accepted as member of the Governing Council in early November 2013 at the biannual meeting in Accra, Ghana.

We had the pleasure to sit down and discuss some of their aspirations and views on peace and peacebuilding. Please follow the links below to read the interviews, which give insights into the thoughts and objectives of Interpeace’s newest board members.

Read the full interviews with Necla Tschirgi et un Martin Aked.

Outgoing Governing Council Members

Interpeace would also like to extend its deep appreciation to outgoing Governing Council Members Jan Pronk and Anthony Travis.

Jan Pronk has been a member of Interpeace’s board since 2004 and his active engagement has contributed to advancing Interpeace’s mission.

Anthony Travis has served as Interpeace’s Honorary Treasurer since 2005 and Interpeace has greatly benefitted from his insights and expertise.

We thank them for their vision and commitment to the organization and wish them the best for the future.

The Governing Council

The Governing Council is Interpeace’s highest decision making body and plays a key role in defining and directing Interpeace’s overall strategy. It is comprised of highly skilled and talented people who have extensive experience in a range of different disciplines.

The Governing Council is chaired by the former president of Ghana, John A. Kufuor. It also includes seats for the personal representative for the UN Secretary General and the host government, Switzerland.