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Including the ultra-Orthodox community is key to peace in Israel

14 février, 2014
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Itzik Sudri, B4D Project Officer

Interpeace's programme, Base for Discussion (B4D) has been working in Israel since 2005. It works with previously excluded, yet influential, sectors of Israeli society and engages them in a dialogue that confronts participants with a range of opinions so they can assess possible solutions to the conflict in the Middle East.

The programme currently works with the Russian-speaking population, the Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel and the ultra-orthodox community. B4D engages these communities in an internal dialogue process that prepares them for interacting with other sectors of society. The B4D team works with the intermediate leadership structures of each of these communities in order to have a bigger impact and enhance the possibility of a meaningful engagement with external groups.

Itzik Sudri, Project Officer has recently described B4D's engagement with the ultra-orthodox community in an article published in Al Monitor on 13 February 2014. Click ici to read the complete story.