Guinea-Bissau: Amplifying messages of peace

10 juillet, 2012

It is the radio waves that are the main channel of communication in Guinea-Bissau. Especially so in rural areas. Across the countryside citizens rely heavily on local radio stations as their main source of information.

Recognizing the important role of radio stations that broadcast in local languages, Interpeace local partner Voz di Paz (Voice of Peace), is engaging with journalists and radio stations across the country.

Enabling journalists to play their role for peace

Just recently Voz di Paz organized a workshop for 42 radio journalists. The training equipped journalists with the skills and tools needed to communicate messages of peace in the different local languages. In addition the course also covered aspects of the Bissau-Guinean media landscape.

Building on past success

The first training course in 2009 was attended by 19 journalists, but since then the number of participants has been steadily increasing. Now, sessions are being organized each year and the demand for the course remains high.

In partnership with Radio Sol Mansi, Voz di Paz expanded the training to over 30 community radio stations in Mansoa. Since then the community radio stations have had a great influence on opinions about peace and development, so Voz di Paz is going to continue this innovative and unique partnership for the country.