Without peace, no life – Mogadishu

28 septembre, 2011

‘NABAD LA’AAN WAA NOLOL LA’AAN’ – ‘Without Peace, no life’

The Somali Football Federation and Interpeace local partner, Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD) teamed up to hold a football tournament on Peace Day 2011.

A rare moment in the daily life of Mogadishu residents. Members of parliament, civic actors and the general public took time out to attend the match.

Poetry and music performed by a Somali Youth Group completed the programme.

The match was played between two of the country’s strongest football clubs: the SITT and Heegan. The game ended with an exciting penalty shoot out with Heegan winning 4 to 3.

This rare day was covered by Somali media so all could share the good news.