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Somali programme: Bringing together Somali civil society in the quest for peace

17 mars, 2008
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Photo credit: Peacebuilding Team

Over 150 leaders of Somali civil society, the business community, and Somali expatriates from South-Central Somalia gathered in Entebbe, Uganda. It was an unprecedented gathering to foster a more collective voice among the diverse sectors and groups of Somali civil society, both those living within Somalia and those living outside and to begin to build consensus among the group on how the Somali civil society can most effectively and constructively contribute to peacebuilding in Somalia.

Participants included: Somali expatriate community, Somali NGOs, business leaders, professional associations, women’s groups, religious leaders, academics, the media, and traditional elders, all from South-Central Somalia. The meeting was organized by Interpeace and its Somali partner, the Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD) et un Saferworld.

To read the unanimous communiqué and outcomes of the conference, please click here.