Overcoming exclusion in Sweden through dialogue

On 22 May, Interpeace’s Local Facilitator in Sweden, Tomas Amanuel participated in a debate on Swedish Television’s Agenda program with Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and Centre Party Leader Annie Lööf to discuss the efforts needed to address increasing crime in Stockholm’s marginalized suburbs.

Tomas is part of Interpeace’s team leading an initiative on the challenges to social inclusion in Sweden. The pilot, which started in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta in 2013 has now expanded to involve other areas in Stockholm, Malmö and Luleå.

Watch the full interview with Tomas (in Swedish) starting 22:48 minutes into the program.

Dreams from Tensta

The “Dreams from Tensta” video documentary was made by the youth from Tensta, a suburb of Stockholm. They reflected on their neighbourhood, and the great diversity of people who inhabit it.

Stockholm Peace Talks

On Thursday 29 January 2015 the Stockholm Peace Talks were co-organized by the Sveriges Riksdag and Interpeace. In this video, the speakers explore what peace means to them and how everyone can contribute to peace, be it at home or in a far-away conflict zone.