Senior Project Officer, Youth Peace and Security

Reporting to: Principal Representative (NYC) and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor

Location: New York

Type of position: L4 S7

Application closing: 11 July 2021


Interpeace is an international organization for peacebuilding that supports locally led peacebuilding initiatives around the world. Interpeace tailors its approach to each society and ensures that the work is locally driven. Together with local partners and local teams, Interpeace jointly develops peacebuilding programmes and helps establish processes of change that connect local communities, civil society, government and the international community.

As a strategic partner of the United Nations, Interpeace is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has other offices around the world.

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Position within the Organisation

The Senior Project Officer, Youth Peace and Security (YPS) is a member of the Policy, Learning and Advisory Services Unit which manages and implements Interpeaceā€™s policy agenda, including managing the organisationā€™s interface with the UN system in New York. The Unit also initiates and drives much of Interpeaceā€™s thematic peacebuilding work, including on YPS, reconciliation, resilience and peacebuilding and human rights, among others. On these thematic topics and the management of the organizationā€™s partnership with the UN system, the New York office operates as a bridge between Interpeaceā€™s policy engagements and peacebuilding practice around the world. The Unit is led from the Headquarters office in Geneva. This position reports to the Principal Representative (New York City) and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor, and in turn supervises any New York-based junior support staff such as research interns. This position also mentors and supports colleagues working on Interpeaceā€™s agenda of YPS-related projects at the country level and in other Interpeace offices.

Purpose and General Overview

With the support of Interpeaceā€™s Principal Representative (NYC) and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor, the Senior Project Officer is responsible for the following:

  • Implements and advances Interpeaceā€™s agenda on YPS within the organisation and in the NYC policy environment;
  • Builds Interpeaceā€™s profile and reputation in New York, including working with various Permanent Missions to the UN, to advance Interpeaceā€™s agenda on YPS;
  • Cultivates and consolidates Interpeaceā€™s working relationships with the UN Youth Envoyā€™s Office, as well as with other UN agencies and entities active on YPS;
  • Grows and supports Interpeaceā€™s institutional partnerships with YPS coalitions, networks, civil society and other peacebuilding organisations working on YPS;
  • Provides strategic guidance and practical support to Interpeace country teams in the development of YPS-related programming and policy engagements, both in the development of country engagements and in policy advocacy at national level, in New York, as well as elsewhere internationally;
  • Represents Interpeace at various policy fora, in YPS coalitions, networks and UN member state engagements, and presents Interpeaceā€™s work on YPS at conferences, convenings and policy events;
  • Undertakes research and proposal development in YPS-related thematic areas and develops and commissions policy papers and briefs;
  • Develops and contributes to implementing fund-raising strategies to support the expansion of Interpeaceā€™s policy and programmatic work on YPS as well as the organisationā€™s presence and impact in the YPS field, particularly in New York;
  • Manages Interpeaceā€™s dedicated budget for implementing its agenda on YPS.

Duties and responsibilities

Strategic and Substantive Engagements

Networking, Partnership-building, Convening and Policy Advocacy

  • Leads Interpeaceā€™s participation in the Global Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) and in select working groups within the Coalition;
  • Builds partnerships and facilitating, and convening collaborations with civil society peacebuilding organizations working on YPS and with trust-based access to youth leadership and youth organizations at country level;
  • Leads Interpeaceā€™s partnership with the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) and similar youth-led peacebuilding networks, including the facilitation of partnerships with their youth-led affiliates at country level;
  • Cultivates and consolidates working relationships with tertiary educational institutions, as well as youth-led scholar networks, as a base for Interpeaceā€™s YPS-related programming, research, education, and work within the policy-practice-scholarship triangle;
  • Informs/briefs and otherwise supports Member State Permanent Missions to the UN on Interpeaceā€™s agenda for YPS;
  • Participates and leads on behalf of Interpeace in YPS forums, events, conferences, and policy fora;
  • Leads in developing and practically contributes to Interpeace input on YPS policy documents and advocacy strategies.
  • Represents Interpeace in the Global Coalition on YPS and select working sub-committees, in engagements with various YPS networks and partner organisations, and in the interface with UN Agencies and Entities, the OSGEY, as well as in interactions with UN Member States and their Missions to the UN in New York.

Developing thematic and country expertise, including research and drafting

  • Leads in designing, reviewing, updating and reporting on Interpeaceā€™s own tailored agenda for YPS.
  • Provides thought leadership and strategic guidance on the YPS agenda across Interpeaceā€™s country-based and thematic programming, particularly in relation to:
  • Meaningful political participation of youth, including in both formal and non-formal peace processes.
  • Education in the YPS agenda, particularly as it relates to youth resilience;
  • YPS approaches at the interface between youth, climate change and conflict;
  • Developing the approach to ā€˜youth resilience for peaceā€™ as part of a prevention and protection agenda, including injection of the youth resilience lens in Interpeaceā€™s Trust, Resilience and Inclusion barometers;
  • Challenging the securitisation of the YPS agenda and supporting Interpeace ā€˜peace responsiveā€™ approach;
  • Supporting and building a gender-inclusive approach to YPS policy and programming, particularly in relation to young women, masculinities, and the intersection of the YPS and WPS agendas;
  • Positioning YPS at the nexus between peacebuilding and human rights, including with UNOY;
  • Leads in providing support to Interpeace country teams, both in the development of YPS-related programming in-country, and in delivering and amplifying youth experiences and perspectives from the country level voices into YPS-oriented policy debate at the UN and other global policy fora;
  • Leads in supporting the design and practically supports the execution of YPS-related context analysis in the countries where Interpeace operates;
  • Cultivates and develops innovative strategies for amplifying youth voices within the UN system through the YPS agenda, including especially in relation to youth resilience, inclusion in peace processes, human rights, and education.

Project Management and Development

  • Drafts and develops concept notes, proposals and donor reports to catalyze and fund new YPS projects, as well as reporting on past and current grants;
  • Leads in providing technical and strategic support to Interpeace programs in the development of their YPS agendas, as well as in profiling and amplifying youth voices in New York.
  • Guides and mobilizes partner organizations to build a collaborative platform to amplify youth voices and advance the YPS agenda.
  • Manages Interpeaceā€™s dedicated budget for implementing its agenda.
  • Develops and contributes to implementing fund-raising strategies to support the expansion of Interpeaceā€™s policy and programmatic work on YPS as well as the organisationā€™s presence and impact in the YPS field, particularly in New York.

Management ā€“ institutional coherence

  • Coordinates with the Principal Representative (NYC) and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor.
  • Liaises with Interpeace colleagues working regionally and at country level to support Interpeaces YPS-related programme development, implementation and assessment;
  • Supports practical integration of YPS content and approach with other policy streams in Interpeace (such as peace responsiveness, inclusive peace principles, and peacebuilding and human rights thematic work).
  • Participates in Policy, Learning and Advisory Services Unit meetings and consultations.
  • Participates in Interpeace team meetings and events as necessary.



  • Post-graduate qualification in peace-related studies, social or political science or other relevant fields.


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience working in youth, peace and security, and/or peacebuilding, developmental or humanitarian work. Experience working with diverse UN entities and agencies.
  • Experience and demonstrable accomplishment of working in and familiarity with the UN system on YPS-related initiatives.
  • Experience and established networks through working with youth organisations and networks on YPS-related areas.
  • Familiarity with and demonstrable experience in advocacy and engagement with YPS policy debates and stakeholders.
  • Track record in research and publishing in the YPS space, including across the policy, practice and scholarship intersections.


  • Knowledge of current thinking and available literature on YPS-related agenda and demonstrable strategic ability to anticipate emerging needs and integrate them swiftly into programmatic prioritisation
  • Comfort and capacity to work across the policy, practice, scholarship ā€˜triangleā€™
  • Access to and capacity to work comfortably with youth-led peacebuilding organisations and networks
  • Ability to work with policy-makers both in the multilateral system, and with member state permanent UN missions, as well as with country teams where YPS programmes are being designed, implemented and evaluated.
  • Ability to build collaborative relationships and a support platform for international civil society peacebuilding organisations, and participate actively in the Global YPS Coalition.

Interpeace Competencies

  • Collaboration and Weaving
  • Communication
  • Drive for results
  • Adaptability and Continuous Learning
  • Respect for Diversity

Success factors

  • Strong commitment to and leadership in supporting local peacebuilding initiatives, and to the values and working principles of Interpeace, and particularly to youth leadership in peacebuilding;
  • Excellent social and inter-cultural skills, outstanding communication skills to a variety of stakeholders from different backgrounds;
  • Creative team player with a commitment to inclusiveness and consensus building;
  • Personality with tact and a high adaptation capacity;
  • Identifies with and is committed to Interpeaceā€™s core values and working principles;
  • Commitment to youth voice, agency and leadership and to peacebuilding.

InterpeaceĀ values diversity among its staff and aims at achieving greater gender parity in all levels of its work. We welcome applications from women and men, including those with disabilities.

How to Apply:

Interpeace values diversity among its staff and aims to achieve gender equality both through gender parity at all levels of the organisation and the promotion of a gender dimension in all its work. We welcome applications from women and men, and those with disabilities.

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their application toĀ recruitment@interpeace.orgĀ no later than July 11th 2021.

ā€œSenior Project Officer, YPSā€Ā MUST BEĀ included in the subject line of the application email to be considered.

The application must include:

  • a complete curriculum vitae
  • a letter of interest
  • an acknowledgement letter, answering the following questions:
  1. Have you ever been criminally convicted or subject to any criminal or administrative penalty by any competent authority? If yes, please specify:
  2. Have you ever been terminated or separated (e.g. contract termination, dismissal, non-renewal) or subject to any disciplinary measure or sanction by your employer for fraud, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse?
  3. Have you ever resigned while under investigation or during disciplinary proceedings?

And confirming the following declaration of understanding:

I confirm the accuracy of the information provided, with the understanding that Interpeace will conduct reference checks to verify relevant information.

I understand that if any false or misleading information is provided in my application, or any material fact suppressed, I may not be employed, of if I am employed, I may be dismissed.

Please note that due to high volume of applications, ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted.