Corporate Governance Officer

Reporting to: Senior Director of Global Operations

Location: Abidjan, Geneva, Goma, Guatemala City, Nairobi, or Ouagadougou

Application closing: 31 July, 2020

Unit:  Global Operations         

Grade: L4                                                   

Fixed-term: One year renewable


Interpeace is an international organisation for peacebuilding that strengthens the ability of societies to manage conflict themselves in sustainable and non-violent ways. Interpeace designs and delivers its work tailored to each situation in collaboration with local partners and communities, based on extensive consultation and research. Interpeace also ensures that the processes of conflict management and change that it supports are integrated at all levels of society including local communities, civil society, government and the international community (we call it a ‘Track 6’ approach).

Interpeace was originally established by the United Nations and remains its strategic partner. Beyond field-based peacebuilding, Interpeace also assists the international community – particularly the UN – to be more effective in supporting peacebuilding efforts worldwide. This includes contributing innovative thought leadership on peacebuilding policies and practices.

Interpeace is headquartered in Geneva and has offices around the world.

For more information about Interpeace, please visit

Purpose and General Overview

The Corporate Governance Officer is a member of the Global Operations Unit which encompasses Finance, Administration, IT and HR.  The Global Operations Unit is led from the Headquarters office in Geneva, although team members are based in different locations around the world including in Bosnia, Côte d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Kenya, Libya, and Switzerland.

Under regular supervision from the Sr. Director of Global Operations, the Corporate Governance Officer supports Interpeace to strengthen and maintain the highest levels of governance – in alignment with all relevant laws and regulations, and in coherence with contemporary norms of good governance practice for international non-governmental organisations – in order to deliver highly productive, effective and ethical organisational performance, and to mitigate risks.

To achieve this, the Corporate Governance Officer is responsible for monitoring institutional policies, procedures, and systems related to governance; and to advise management on opportunities for improvement and risks as well as required changes and improvements.

The Corporate Governance Officer advances the organisation’s continuous improvement and adaptation to contemporary governance requirements, standards and norms by leading the design, monitoring and evaluation of new and ongoing governance initiatives. This includes providing practical support to Interpeace staff at headquarters and in field offices.

The Corporate Governance Officer is responsible for supporting the development, adaptation and implementation of policies and frameworks that support Interpeace’s risk management, due diligence, and audit commitments and obligations, both in headquarters and in field offices.

Duties and responsibilities

Global governance standards and norms for international organisations

  • Monitor trends and developments, evaluate and advise on adaptations required at Interpeace
  • Lead the development of new and the revision of existing internal governance-related systems, policies and procedures
  • Support the development, consolidation and alignment where relevant of good governance policies and practices between Interpeace and its governing authorities (Governing Board, Advisory Council, Bureau, Audit Committee)
  • Foster and advance a culture of high standards of internal governance, including providing relevant input to the Human Resources team to create effective induction, training and awareness-raising on compliance and good governance for all staff

Compliance with countries/jurisdictions regulations where Interpeace is registered or plans to be registered

  • Monitor relevant trends and developments on matters of governance and compliance
  • Advise on compliance obligations and provide practical support and leadership to ensure obligations are met (including registration of legal entities, employment contracts and conditions of service compliance, reporting to local authorities, etc.)

Memoranda of Understanding

  • Ensure MOUs and other partnership framework arrangements are developed, implemented and reviewed regularly
  • Advise colleagues on the development/drafting of such frameworks
  • Maintain an institutional database of all such compliance frameworks

Compliance data (from audit and internal controls)

  • Consolidate a management report identifying priorities for implementation and follow-up action relating to audit and internal controls
  • Support implementation practically of such follow-up action with colleagues, and maintain records of progress and completion.

Risk management

  • Promote risk awareness in the organisation
  • Advise colleagues on the development of programme/project-specific risk evaluation
  • Maintain the Interpeace strategic risk register, promote continuous review, support implementation of risk mitigation measures, and report to management on risk management

Interpeace due diligence and audit

  • Support colleagues by collecting and coordinating internal compliance data for submission to external compliance actors
  • Identify, advise management and follow-up practically to address deficiencies identified in due diligence processes

External due diligence and audit

  • Coordinate with external parties to ensure completion of due diligence processes prior to them becoming partner organisations of Interpeace
  • Foster implementation in partner organisations of audit recommendations relating to their collaborative work with Interpeace

International Aid Transparency Initiative

  • Ensure Interpeace meets its ongoing obligations to the International Aid Transparency Initiative, including ensuring regular collation and submission of required data,
  • Identify needs and provide practical support to deliver Interpeace inputs to other transparency initiatives as they arise


Candidates with relevant qualifications, experience, a tertiary degree, and fluency in English are invited to apply.

Relevant experience and qualifications may include but is not limited to the following:


  • Tertiary qualification in law, business administration or other relevant areas


  • Experience in risk management and/or in auditing
  • Experience in risk analysis, including the ability to identify and manage risks at an operational level
  • Experience formulation and implementing risk mitigation measures


  • Knowledge of the principles of auditing and internal controls, intelligence analysis, project management, business planning and reporting
  • Knowledge of relevant cross-border compliance and regulations
  • Ability to conduct independent research and analysis, identify issues, formulate options and make conclusions and recommendations
  • Ability to apply analytical thinking
  • Ability to advise other actors and articulate principles of good governance in a way that is accessible to people from different backgrounds
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment successfully and to demonstrate gender-responsive and non-discriminatory behaviour and attitudes
  • Ability to interact with people respectfully and with tact
  • Ability to deal with confidential information and/or issues using discretion and good judgment
  • Interpeace Competencies
    • Collaboration and Weaving
    • Communication
    • Drive for results
    • Adaptability and Continuous Learning
    • Respect for Diversity

How to apply

Qualified candidates are invited to submit a complete curriculum vitae and a letter of interest to Corporate Governance Officer MUST BE included in the subject line of the application email to be considered. The deadline to apply is 31 July 2020

Please note that due to high volume of applications, ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted.

For more information about Interpeace, its values and working principles, please visit the Interpeace website

Interpeace values diversity among its staff and aims to achieve gender equality both through gender parity at all levels of the organisation and to promote a gender dimension in all its work. We welcome applications from women and men, and those with disabilities.