Clemence Umande Zawadi – DRC


Clemence Umande Zawadi is a bright and driven young student currently pursuing her education at the Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL) in Goma, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Renowned for her exceptional communication skills, she serves as the deputy spokesperson for the student body, effectively representing their interests and concerns.

Clemence’s true passion lies in peacebuilding, and she actively participates in various initiatives aimed at fostering harmony and understanding among communities. Recognising her dedication to promoting peace and her outstanding leadership qualities, Clemence has been selected as one of the Young Peace Fellows, benefiting from the mentorship of the Pole Institute.

Notably, Clemence has taken the lead as the promoter of the university girl’s competition, showcasing her unwavering commitment to empowering and supporting her fellow female students. Her efforts to make a positive impact on her campus and beyond serve as an inspiration to all those around her.