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Tackling hunger through peacebuilding approaches

Event Description 

Conflict is a major driver of food insecurity and malnutrition. The Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture - FAO et un Interpeace, have partnered to develop and test tools that will enable more systematic and robust conflict-sensitive programming – while ensuring they are practical and can become embedded in the Organization’s programmes in support of member states.

The event will help to further discussion on and highlight policy and programmatic linkages between food, agriculture, natural resources and peacebuilding, in light of FAO’s Corporate Framework on sustainable peace. The NGO Le Zebreau, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, will complement this and share early results of a participatory information and communication project, using the Dimitra Clubs model to help prevent conflict and promote social cohesion between the Twa (Pygmy) and Bantu communities.



- Mr. Julius Jackson, Technical Officer, Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO, Rome

- Ms. Martina Zapf, Head of Programme Support, Interpeace, Geneva

- Mr Gaston Munga Mulongoy, Director , Le Zebreau NGO, Lubumbashi


Register to attend the event by 8 November.

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