Four perspectives on resilience in Guatemala

This section presents a series of conversations with members of the national group on the contribution of a resilience approach and the perspectives for transformation that the group has identified over the past months.

Resilience and peacebuilding: The project in Guatemala

This article looks at the project currently being piloted by Interpeace, on the role of resilience in the Guatemalan peacebuilding process.

Piloting a resilience approach to peacebuilding: Insights from Interpeace's Frameworks for Assessing Resilience (FAR) project

This assessment of resilience draws attention to capacities and strengths in society, whether as individual personality traits, solidarity networks of communities or alternative livelihood strategies, which can inform more context-specific and nationally-owned peacebuilding processes.

Journal of Peacebuilding n°5

This edition of the Journal of Peacebuilding focuses on resilience in peacebuilding contexts.

Journal of Peacebuilding n°4

This edition of the Journal of Peacebuilding focuses on the role of the private sector in peacebuilding.

An interview with Hans Peter

Hans Peter shares his vision about the challenges to peace in Guatemala from the perspective of the private sector.