Request for Proposals – Communications Consultant to draft a Communications Strategy and a Plan of Action

Emplacement: Remote location

Fermeture de l'application: 5 March, 2021

About Interpeace

Interpeace is an international organisation for peacebuilding. Interpeace tailors its approach to each society and ensures that its work is locally designed and driven. Through local partners and its own local teams, Interpeace jointly develops peacebuilding programmes based on extensive consultation and research. Interpeace helps establish processes of change that promote sustainable peace, social cohesion and resilience. The organisation’s work is designed to connect and promote understanding between local communities, civil society, governments, and the international community.

Interpeace also assists the international community – especially the United Nations – to play a more effective role in peacebuilding based on the organisation’s expertise in field-based work at the grassroots level. This is achieved primarily through contributing innovative thought leadership and fresh insights into contemporary peacebuilding policy. This assistance to the international community is also achieved through its ‘peace responsiveness’ work, in which Interpeace provides advice and practical support to other international organisations (especially those in the security, development and humanitarian aid sectors) so that they adapt systemically in order that their own work simultaneously addresses conflict dynamics and strengthens peace dynamics.

Interpeace is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has offices around the world.

For more information about Interpeace, please visit


The Principles for Peace is an international initiative launched by Interpeace.  The initiative is an inclusive global process aimed at examining and re-framing the way peace processes are conceived and implemented. Over the course of two years the initiative will include both bottom-up and top-down consultations led by an international commission of political leaders, peacebuilding and peace-making practitioners, civil society representatives and scholars. The initiative will result in a set of new principles and guiding norms to inform and incentivize more effective design and implementation of peace processes that enable sustainable peace.

This initiative was launched on 15 December 2020 and was selected in the 2019 Paris Peace Forum and as a top ten ‘scale-up’ project. For more background information about the Principles for Peace, please visit:

Preparation and Submission of Proposals

Interpeace invites qualified service providers to submit a bid to provide the services described in the attached Terms of Reference, and which form an integral part of the present Request for Proposal (RFP).

The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its proposal, and Interpeace shall not be responsible or liable for those costs, whether direct or indirect, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the RFP, nor if the RFP is cancelled, altered or postponed for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all costs incurred for pre-proposal clarifications, oral presentations, site visits, and subsequent meetings and negotiations.

All offers shall be prepared in English. Offers shall comprise the following documents:

1. Technical Proposal

The Terms of Reference (ToRs) of the services requested by Interpeace can be found in Annex A. The technical proposal should include the following information:

a. Description of how the Bidder intends to meet the requirements described in the Terms of Reference.

b. In preparing the Technical Proposal, the Bidder shall provide details of the proposed project methodology, implementation and management plan as well as the CV of key personnel which will contribute to the project.

c. The Bidder may also include in this Annex other documents and information to demonstrate its technical and professional capacities and competencies to fulfil the requirements of the Terms of Reference.

d. Number of similar and successfully completed projects, number of similar projects currently underway.

e. Recent References: Each bidder must provide details of three contracts entered during the past five years which are similar in nature to that which will arise from this RFP. Please provide:

  • Client name, location and date of project
  • Description of goods provided and works or services performed
  • Contact details for reference

f. Any other information that will facilitate evaluation of the service provider’s reliability and capacity to provide the services. This may include descriptions of services provided to similar organizations related to drafting of communications strategies, as well as description of experience and knowledge of communications tools and channels.

g. Proposed methodology, approach and implementation plan: The proposal should demonstrate the Proposer’s response to the Terms of Reference, identify the specific components proposed, how the requirements shall be addressed, demonstrate how the proposed methodology meets or exceeds specifications.

2. Financial Offer

Your separate Financial Offer must contain an overall offer in a single currency.

The Financial Offer must cover all the services to be provided as per the ToRs. The price must be in CHF and “all inclusive”.

The cost of preparing a bid and negotiating a contract, including any related travel, is not reimbursable nor can it be included as a direct cost of the assignment.

All offers to provide the services described in this RFP must be submitted by e-mail to  by 05.03.2021. All submissions must indicate “Communications Consultant to draft a Communications Strategy and a Plan of Action” in the subject line.

Only proposals under consideration will be notified.

Participation in this RFP indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions provided.