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Consultant, Peace Finance Standards and Guidance


A.  About Finance for Peace

« Finances pour la paix » (F4P) est une initiative multipartite qui cherche à changer systémiquement la manière dont les investissements privés et publics soutiennent la paix dans des contextes en développement et fragiles. Ce dispositif cherche à établir des approches en réseau capables de co-développer les cadres de marché, les normes, les réseaux de soutien politique, les partenariats et les connaissances nécessaires pour intensifier les « finances pour la paix » – des investissements qui cherchent intentionnellement à améliorer les conditions de la paix.

F4P brings together investors, industry, norm setting entities, Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), governments, peacebuilding and development actors, civil society and local communities to further peace-positive investments. By building/enabling the creation of a market for peace enhancing finance, it aims to reduce risks for both investors and communities and achieve outcomes that are bankable and advance peace. By identifying critical frameworks and developing standards and principles, as well as key knowledge and innovative solutions, the initiative will help to create true additionality to investors, as well as more inclusive development.

En collaboration avec des partenaires, « Finances pour la paix » lancera un cadre itératif d'impact sur la paix et un ensemble connecté de normes de paix pour diverses catégories d'investissement qui peuvent être utilisées par le marché pour guider, mesurer et valider les investissements positifs pour la paix.

Finance for Peace is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) and builds on feasibility research supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) on a new sustainable investment category called peace bonds.

For more information on Interpeace or the Finance for Peace initiative, please see our websites: https://financeforpeace.org/

B. Description of the assignment

Finance for Peace (F4P) is seeking a Geneva based consultant to advance the dissemination and implementation of peace finance standards and guidance. This role is critical in supporting the effective utilization of the Peace Finance Impact Framework (PFIF) and the Peace Finance Standard (PFS) developed by the initiative.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support the development and refinement of the PFIF and standards: Collaborate with the Head of Standards and the Standards Committee to develop and continuously improve the PFIF and PFS. The PFIF is instrumental in helping investors plan, report, and realize verifiable peace impacts, reducing risks for both investors and communities. The PFS provides targeted guidance to label emerging peace bond and equity investments aligned with peace principles.
  • Dissemination and iteration: Ensure that the standards and guidance are effectively communicated and adopted by key stakeholders. This includes preparing and distributing educational and promotional materials, organizing workshops and webinars, and facilitating stakeholder feedback to refine the frameworks.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Engage actively with a diverse range of external partners, including Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), private sector entities, government donors, civil society organizations, and peacebuilding and development actors. Manage relationships and coordinate with these partners to ensure alignment and support for the standards.
  • Administrative and logistical support: Provide comprehensive administrative and logistical support to the Standards and Services team, ensuring timely delivery of essential materials and coordination of events and meetings.
  • Team collaboration: Collaborate with other workstreams, under the direct supervision of the Head of Standards.
C.  Tasks

Under the guidance and management of the Head of Standards, the Consultant will perform the following tasks grouped by the strategic objectives:

Objective 1: Strengthen the Assurance component of PFIF

  1. Standards implementation and analysis:
    • Facilitate the dissemination and support the implementation of the Peace Finance Impact Framework (PFIF) and related Peace Finance Standards for Bonds and Equity and the preparation and dissemination of guidance materials.
    • Coordinate the activities of the new Standards Committee, including regular communications and planning of meetings.
  2. Standards development process:
    • Assist in developing and refining the due process and project methodology for revising the Peace Finance Standards.
  3. Market intelligence:
    • Track data on peace, social, and sustainable labeled bonds/equity investments in emerging markets. Identify and evaluate project opportunities for applying the Standards.

Objective 2: Socialize/Disseminate PFIF

  1. Communications support:
    • Collaborate with the Finance for Peace Communications Advisor to manage both internal and external communications related to the standards.
    • Prepare briefing notes, summaries, and meeting guidance and notes for various governance bodies and stakeholders, including wider information sharing.
  2. Educational support:
    • Support an e-learning platform consultant by providing access to knowledge products related to Standards and Guidance. The work on the e-learning platform and related capacity building/learning material will be under the supervision of the Head of Partnerships.
    • Review and provide substantive input into the development of two usability guides: one for issuers and investors, and another for Peace Finance Verifiers.

Objective 3: Integrate PFIF into stakeholder operations

  1. Stakeholder engagement:
    • Represent Finance for Peace in relevant multistakeholder consultations, understanding key perspectives, issues, and challenges facing stakeholders, in close coordination with the Head of Partnerships of Finance for Peace.
    • Take the lead in several initiatives where the PFIF is being tested and applied and track and report progress.
  2. Administrative and logistical support:
    • Coordinate meeting logistics for internal and external stakeholders, including the Finance for Peace Steering Committee, Standards Committee, and other governance bodies.
    • Perform various administrative tasks, including supporting in the preparation of donor reports, and travel logistics as they relate to the committees and other governance bodies.
  3. Budget oversight:
    • In collaboration with the Finance for Peace Budget Lead, monitor and manage the budget for the Standards team, ensuring financial resources are allocated and used effectively.

Objective 4: Expand/Consolidate PFIF

  1. International standards alignment:
    • Engage with international standard-setting bodies and stakeholders to align PFIF with other recognized standards. Organize roundtables and workshops to facilitate these discussions and garner support.
  2. Principles refinement:
    • Gather and incorporate external feedback to refine and expand the principles of PFIF. Facilitate feedback sessions and surveys to ensure the continuous improvement of standards based on real-world application and stakeholder input.


Support the development and refinement of the PFIF and standards:

  • Deliverable: Biannual updates to the PFIF and PFS, incorporating latest research and stakeholder feedback, ensuring the standards remain relevant and effective.
  • Deliverable: An annual strategic review that summarizes the impact of the PFIF and PFS on the market and suggests areas for further development based on global trends and investment outcomes.

Dissemination and iteration:

  • Deliverable: A quarterly report detailing the dissemination activities, including the reach and engagement metrics of workshops, webinars, and distributed materials.
  • Deliverable: An annual feedback summary report, consolidating stakeholder input on the standards and guidance, and documenting the integration of this feedback into future revisions.

Stakeholder engagement:

  • Deliverable: Monthly engagement reports, providing an account of all interactions with external partners, highlighting progress towards alignment and support for the standards.
  • Deliverable: An annual review of stakeholder engagement strategies, offering insights into the effectiveness of current practices and recommendations for future engagement plans.

Administrative and logistical support:

  • Deliverable: Monthly summaries of administrative and logistical activities

Team Collaboration:

  • Deliverable: Quarterly reports on cross-workstream collaborations, detailing the contributions to and from other streams based on the workplans, and evaluating the effectiveness of these collaborations in advancing the objectives.
D.  Experience

The ideal candidate will be a dynamic individual with a proven track record in policy development, stakeholder management, and a strong ability to handle complex projects involving multiple partners. Experience in financial standards development, particularly in contexts related to peacebuilding or development finance, is highly desirable.


  • Undergraduate or master’s level degree in international studies, development economics, finance, social or political science, or other relevant fields.


  • At least four years of experience working in at least one, or some combination of, private finance, a Development Finance Institution, peacebuilding, development, or government donor environment.
  • Previous experience in a research, policy or technical role related to the above sectors.
  • Familiarity with technical and political issues associated with sustainable finance, SDG, ESG investing, impact investing, blended finance, peacebuilding, donor policies in development and peacebuilding is a plus. 
  • Experience in multicultural or international settings will be valuable.


  • Strong desktop research and attention to detail.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to craft communication to very different audiences.
  • Good project management skills
  • Ability to multitask and switch easily between projects activities.
  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt knowledge.

Compétences d’Interpeace

  • Collaboration et tissage de relations
  • Communication
  • Motivation pour les résultats
  • Adaptabilité et apprentissage continu
  • Respect de la diversité

Facteurs de réussite

  • Fluent written and spoken English. French desirable.
  • Good general understanding of peacebuilding, development, finance and the landscape of international development finance institutions and private financial institutions.
  • Ability to quickly learn and contribute to the ideation of new concepts.
  • Creative team player with a commitment to inclusiveness and consensus building.
  • High adaptation capacity.
  • Commitment to the values of Interpeace, and to the mission of the initiative.
  • Outstanding communication skills to a variety of stakeholders from very different backgrounds.
  • Excellent social and inter-cultural skills, emotional intelligence.

E.  Timeframe

Candidates are invited to propose the maximum number of days they are available throughout 2024. The exact allocation of days corresponding to the deliverables specified in section C will be jointly determined by the Finance for Peace team and the consultant during the recruitment process.   

F. Reporting and feedback

The tasks listed above are to be performed in an interactive and iterative process in collaboration with the Finance for Peace initiative. The consultant will report to the Head of Standards of the Finance for Peace initiative.

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We welcome qualified consultants of diverse origins and backgrounds to submit their application Consultant, Peace Finance Standards and Guidance no later than May 13, 2024.