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Various UN reform agendas including Agenda 2030 and SDG16 in particular; the Sustaining Peace Agenda; and discussions around the Humanitarian, Development and Peace nexus, recognize that development outcomes and reduced humanitarian need is dependent upon preventing and transforming violent conflict. The question of how socio-economic interventions can make a deliberate contribution and impact towards peace is therefore important. Understanding this should be based on empirical evidence – i.e. in how far actors are peace responsive – and it should become a sine qua non for any intervention.

While this is widely acknowledged and many UN agencies have adopted policies to this effect, the challenge of understanding how socio-economic pathways directly and systematically contribute to peace remains. In recent years, numerous agencies have made great strides in understanding their role in contributing to peace. However, there is insufficient exchange and discussion about evidence-based experiences, learning, and the challenges that remain; such a discussion will benefit the further development and application of effective practices. This event will foster such an exchange, highlighting examples and approaches of partnerships between agencies, peacebuilding actors, and donors, and reflect upon how such approaches have been more systematically considered.

The event will be held as an interactive conversation among the panellists, followed by an exchange with the audience.

Event Date:

Monday, 4 November, 9.00-10.15h, UN Palais (Room VIII)

Panelists :


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