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The Geneva Peace Talks 2014

Geneva Peace Talks

Meet a peacebuilder

Françoise Kabariza and Igor Rugwiza

Based in Bujumbura – the capital of Burundi –  Françoise and Igor work closely with their fellow peacebuilders from Interpeace’s local partner, the Conflict Alert and Prevention Centre (CENAP).

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Making peacebuilding inclusive...

... in Burundi

CENAP reports on the four peacebuilding priorities

Disarmament (French)
Youth unemployment (French)
Elections (French)
Reconciliation (French)

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The joint Interpeace-CENAP peacebuilding programme began in 2007. The programme aims to reinforce the capacity of Burundian society to consolidate lasting peace.

The desired outcomes of the programme are:

  • A research-based dialogue process that reinforces Burundian peacebuilding efforts;
  • A culture of dialogue and trust that engages all sectors of Burundian society to collectively address the challenges of building peace; and
  • Broad consensus on key peacebuilding priorities and on the basic principles, strategies and goals to address them.

The programme is creating important bridges between the different sectors of society and a dialogue process focused on recovery and the consolidation of peace.

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