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The Geneva Peace Talks 2014

Geneva Peace Talks

Meet a peacebuilder

Françoise Kabariza and Igor Rugwiza

Based in Bujumbura – the capital of Burundi –  Françoise and Igor work closely with their fellow peacebuilders from Interpeace’s local partner, the Conflict Alert and Prevention Centre (CENAP).

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Making peacebuilding inclusive...

... in Burundi

CENAP reports on the four peacebuilding priorities

Disarmament (French)
Youth unemployment (French)
Elections (French)
Reconciliation (French)

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Ongoing activities

The Burundi peacebuilding programme is carrying out the following activities:

  • Continued accompaniment of CENAP on participatory methodologies and on strengthening its financial, administrative and programmatic capacities;
  • Mapping the threats to peace and stability through consultations with a representative sample of the Burundian population. The results were presented to a large forum that represents the diversity of Burundian society, to select the key peacebuilding priorities.
  • Conducting research and dialogue on the priority peacebuilding issues selected by the forum. The team has been facilitating this process to develop consensus-based solutions to these priority issues. The debates are captured by video and documentaries are produced to highlight the different points of view expressed. The findings were presented for validation to the forum and a mandate for implementation was received.
  • Disseminating the research and dialogue findings using different media, such as radio, written documents and audiovisual material.
  • Implementation of recommendations: the CENAP team will develop mechanisms to engage those responsible to implement the recommendations.

The programme is committing special attention to benefit from and incorporate previous and ongoing research and dialogue efforts.

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